Your support is essential for DoucheFLUX to continue to offer services and activities
to all people in precarious situations,
with or without housing, with or without papers, from here or elsewhere.

Thank you for your generosity!

Do you prefer to make a bank transfer? Please make a donation to the account BE80 3630 2531 1077.

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  • Your donation provides a shower for a homeless person

  • Your donation provides 5 hygiene kits for homeless people

  • Your donation allows us to give a warm sleeping bag to a person sleeping outside

  • You cover the costs of one night and 3 meals in our transit accommodation for vulnerable women


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Why donate?

DoucheFLUX would not have come into being without the support of many individuals, businesses and private funds. We are very grateful that these contributors participated in our project, which provides the destitute with an optimal service in a modern, pleasant, spacious, stimulating and friendly environment.

Since it opened its building in 2017, where it provides social services at a subsidised rate, DoucheFLUX itself generates revenue. Since the end of 2017, our non-profit organisation has also been receiving (non-operating) subsidies granted by public authorities.

However, to ensure the continuation and development of its services and activities, the invaluable support of civil society, private funds and businesses remains crucial.

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